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The VA-service subscription provides you an annual maintenance check-up between November and April during the storage season. The installations will be tested on the following subjects:

  • Low oxygen functionality and CO2-absorption of the scrubber;
  • Leak tightness of the PVC pipework and room valves;
  • Purity of the rest oxygen and output-capacity of the VPSA or PSA;
  • Functionality and calibration of the oxygen and carbon measurers  (O2 and CO2)
  • Functionality of the meter box,  (for instance the processing of data through cold stores);
  • Testing of storage room accessories (e.g. cold store buffers, under-/overpressure valves, aeration fans;
  • Other peripherals connected , e.g. temperature- and pressure sensors, compressed air, etc. 
Furthermore, for VA-service subscription holders, we also offer:
  • 10% extra discount on all used material on top of your standard conditions;
  • 10% discount on the costs of the mechanic.
For further questions or information about the VA-service subscription, please do not hesitate to contact Alma Hoving: service@van-amerongen.com or (0344) 670 584. 

Optimal functionality of your installation is ensured due to correct control and in-time maintenance. Bad surprises in the beginning of the storage season can lead to unexpected and costly maintenance during this busy time of the year.     

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